Seed paper postcard 145x145 mm


BAUBAU magical postcards are made from recycled paper pulp containing hidden flower seeds. Choose a card with a desired message and give it to a dear person.

How to see love growing?

1. Remove the bottom of the card and place it in the ground.
2. Cover the card with a thin layer of soil and dip.
3. Dip more. Do it every day and with love. Keep the soil constantly moist.
4. Be patient and caring. Think of the person who gave you this card.
5. Already in 2–3 weeks you can see the tiny plants rising. You can admire the blossoms of love in 2–3 months.

Regardless of the design, the seed paper has always the same mixture of flower seeds: forget-me-not, poppy, oxeye daisy.

Dimensions: 145x145 mm
The package includes a translucent envelope.
Designed and produced in Estonia.

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